Vallourec is willing to partner with startups, labs and companies to develop new products, solutions and businesses.

Come and join to co-develop our next successful innovation.

Open innovation has been part of the Group’s strategy for decades, since the first VAM® connections were developed through a partnership. Open innovation has been especially reinforced over the last four years, as Vallourec organized three worldwide open innovation challenges. Each of these challenges triggered win-win collaborative developments with the winning partners. Reaping the rewards from these previous challenges, the Group is willing to collaborate with startups on a regular basis by opening challenges on 5 strategic fields of innovation: Smart pipes & pipelines, Field & remote services, New energies, New Vallourec businesses, Industry 4.0.

Discover the challenges

Smart Pipes & Pipelines

Let’s enrich our pipes with new functions and new technologies to increase integrity, efficiency, sustainability and/or bring new usages to end-users.


Field & Remote services

Let’s enhance our field and remote services with digital, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to increase efficiency along the full energy and industry value chain.


New energies

Energy transition needs innovative and efficient solutions to grow. Let’s develop solutions enabling new energies by leveraging and combining our technical competences and assets.


New Vallourec businesses

There are many new needs and trends to fulfill outside energy sectors. Let’s make them grow thanks to our differentiating competences and assets.


Industry 4.0

To reach best-in-class industrial efficiency of our production and storage facilities, let’s improve, change or revolutionize industrial processes.