Automatized and Digitalized pipe yard

Automatized and Digitalized pipe yard
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Today, Vallourec owns more than twenty yards in all regions around the world with different structures and realities, but totally focused in provide best-in-class level of services excellence.

Pipe Yard is an intermediate outdoor storage facility, where Vallourec performs several operations during the supply chain. To maintain these assets in prime conditions, some actions might be needed in regular basis such as pipe counting, periodic inspections, pipe body preservation, pipe connections repairing, running preparation, slinging or bundling before dispatching in a truck or a train. Those actions are executed by operators and co-exist with stock maintenance, logistics and handling activities, done by diesel consumers forklifts, cranes and front loaders inside the yard.

All pipes are today identified individually by a QR-Code, barcode or data matrix and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag on a plastic thread protector and need to be assessed constantly to provide both total integrity and full traceability, pipe by pipe, to guarantee accuracy and reliability of the inventory, mitigating the risks of shortage or overstock.

We aim for intelligent solutions that can improve our service level performance with more workforce empowerment combined with safety and environmental risks mitigation.

Our expectations

We expect, from the new technology, to:

  • Improve the Safety of operators
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing logistics equipment utilization
  • Improve traceability and reliability of inventory data
  • Optimize inventory accuracy during the full supply chain
  • Increase performance in all activities done at the yard  

Examples of targeted technologies are active inventory, IoT, drones, robots, communication, active marking, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, exoskeleton …